Professional window-washing tools consist of high-grade squeegees, buckets, blades and scrapers, cleaning solutions, sponges, climbing platforms, etc. Expert window washers may use unique products as well as the regular supplies we’re familiar with.

In this article, we’ll go in-depth about the professional equipment for window washers. Moreover, you’ll be able to learn about OSHA compliance and why it is an essential factor to consider. Let’s get started!

What Do Professional Window Washers Use?

Here is a list of window washer supplies that professionals use:


A squeegee consists of a main body with a rubber blade that cleans windows. Professionals also attach long handles to their squeegees to reach heights.

An adjustable handle for a squeegee is essential for high-rise. Moreover, the quality of the body’s material separates regular squeegees from professional ones.

Window washers cleaning the exterior windows of a Chicago apartment building


Window cleaning buckets need to be wider than regular buckets. Otherwise, a wider length squeegee won’t be able to fit in it.

Professional window cleaning buckets are heavy-duty for rough use, hold more liquid, and usually have caster capability.


Window scrapers are similar to squeegees, but they have a steel blade. As a result, they are used by professionals to remove tough residues from windows.
Scrapers are usually smaller than a squeegee. Therefore, you need a good hand to use scrapers properly. Otherwise, you can scratch the glass surface.

Climbing Equipment

Climbing equipment is a necessity to clean the windows of high-rises. Professionals use climbing platforms or bosun chairs to be secure when cleaning high-rise windows or glass walls. A pulley system helps achieve height with these platforms.


A T-bar looks similar to a squeegee. The difference is that instead of a rubber blade, it has padding that can act as a sponge and wet clean window surfaces.

Cleaning Solution

Experts like to use commercial cleaning solutions for windows. These solutions usually contain ammonia, vinegar, water, etc.

Tool Belts

Expert window washers like to use a sturdy tool belt that will keep their tools at their disposal for easy use. Of course, the belts must be super functional as well as comfortable.

Safety Harness

If the platform or bosun’s chair collapses, professional cleaners need something to keep them from falling. This is why safety harnesses are essential for skyscraper window cleaning companies!

A window washer checks their safety gear ontop of a Chicago skyscraper.