Green Clean Janitorial Services

Perfect for luxury apartment buildings and office spaces

Green Clean Janitorial staff provides top-quality cleaning services for luxury apartment buildings, office spaces, retail businesses, & industrial spaces.

Our team is reliable, efficient, and always courteous. We understand that our customers expect quality and dependability, and we work hard to deliver on that promise every time.

Let us take care of your cleaning needs so you can focus on what really matters.

Snow Removal

Perfect for businesses and parking lots

In Chicago, keeping sidewalks, driveways, and pathways clear of snow is a quick and effective way to make wintertime safety a priority.

Snow removal should always be done with caution in order to prevent the risk of injury, property damage or personal liability.

Important measures include using the right tools and preventive strategies, such as planning ahead to stay organized when clearing snow from hard-to-reach places, or having someone available to assist if necessary.

Power Washing

Perfect for office buildings and walkways

Power washing is a quick, efficient way to clean and maintain exterior surfaces. Utilizing pressurized water, power washing can make quick work of dirt, grime and debris that have accumulated on your business’ exterior surface.

Power washing gets hard-to-reach areas and offers superior results when compared to traditional scrubbing methods. Additionally, power washing offers an eco-friendly approach to cleaning, as it uses nothing more than pressurized water to eliminate the need for harsh chemicals.

Keep the exterior of your property clean while also protecting its integrity from damage caused by harsher cleaning chemicals.

Window Oxidation

Perfect for businesses

Businesses must stay mindful of window oxidation, a process during which metal and other objects are exposed to oxygen in the air that leads to their deterioration.

Window oxidation can lead to rusting and corrosion on the windows business owners count on to provide a welcoming atmosphere for their customers.

Businesses should regularly inspect their windows, correctly seal any cracks or leaks they may find, and cover certain materials to protect them from wind-driven rain and snow accumulation. And consequentially cost money.

Taking these important steps will help businesses prevent unnecessary damage caused by window oxidation.

Acid Etch Removal

Perfect for storefronts

Acid etch removal is an important process for business owners who want to maintain a pristine appearance in their establishments.

Using chemical acid solutions to break down the etched markings or dirt that has built up over time, business owners can restore their walls and floors to looking like new again. This process can be completed by a professional business service.

Allowing them to keep their places of business free of undesirable marks for a long period of time.

Spider, Wasp and Hornet Abatement

Perfect for businesses

Although businesses often have to tackle annoying pests such as spiders, wasps, and hornets, there are ways to abate the problem. Keeping premises clean and free of clutter is a great way to reduce these creatures’ nests and homes.

Regular inspections of possible nesting areas can also alert businesses to problems early on before getting out of hand. In addition, businesses need to be mindful of their environment when constructing buildings and pathways, making sure that potential insect-friendly places are not created.

Finally, businesses should consider proper pest control in order to prevent infestation from spiders, wasps, or hornets. By taking preventative measures businesses can maintain a safe and pest-free environment for their customers without having to utilize harsh chemicals or pesticides.