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About Us

Hoping to learn more about Green Clean before using our services? We don’t blame you – that’s just smart business. Here’s what you need to know about this Chicago window washing service.

Our Story

Green Clean was founded by industry veterans who wanted to service clients with care for the environment in mind. Their goal was to leverage their knowledge of the window washing industry, with their passion and care for the environment.

As the team grew to include HR and Management professionals who provided additional insight into the needs and concerns of the average business, demand for Green Clean’s services grew, with residential customers adding to the clamor. Today, the company services both professional and residential clients across the Chicagoland area.


      ADAM WICKERSHAM Director of Sales
    • Richard Reinisch
        Richard Reinisch VP of Sales
      • Marc Kowal
          Marc Kowal President and CEO
        • Ronald Wilson
            Ronald Wilson Director of Operations

          The Green Clean Advantage

          Green Clean is different from your average window cleaning service for 5 key reasons:

          1. We embrace an Environmentally-Friendly approach to window cleaning.
            In today’s day and age, the environment takes a chemical beating from enough sources. At Green Clean, we’re doing our part to minimize the damage being done. That’s why we always use enviornmentally-friendly cleaning supplies. Your windows end up just as clean, but Mother Nature thanks you kindly for your consideration.
          2. We put a high premium on quality service.
            Work with a run of the mill window washing company, and you’re likely to get a headache. Poor punctuality, haphazard cleaning, and less than professional employees can make getting your windows clean a chore you dread each month. At Green Clean, we aim to run our business with the same care and dedication that you do your company or home, which means you can count on prompt, thorough, and friendly service every time.
          3. We work hard to save you money.
            It doesn’t matter if you’re running a burgeoning business or household checkbook – every dollar counts. If you’ll pardon the puns, Green Clean wipes the windows with the competition when it comes to pricing, keeping with the goal of keeping your pockets a little extra green in the long run.
          4. We offer a wide variety of service packages.
            Whether you’re a downtown storefront in need of a weekly wipe down or a suburban home requiring seasonal upkeep of your panes, Green Clean has a service option that fits your needs. While one-time cleanings are always available, we also offer packages that provide a discount and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your windows will be consistently clean.
          5. We have an awesome referral program.
            At Green Clean, we truly appreciate hearing that one of our clients has recommended our services to someone else. To demonstrate this appreciation, each new client you refer to us will earn you a FREE window cleaning!*

          Green Clean isn’t your average window cleaning service. With us, there’s no streaks, no spots, no scams, and no worries – just excellent service at an excellent price. What are you waiting for? Request a quote today!


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