• Window cleaners descending down a mid-rise office building in Chicago

3 Things to Consider About Corporate Window Cleaning

To the lay observer, the cleanliness of a corporation’s windows may seem a minor detail, but upon deeper inspection, its significance quickly becomes apparent. The aesthetic value of clean windows cannot be understated. They not [...]

  • Green Clean window washers cleaning the windows of a Chicago high rise building.

9 Best Office Building Window Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Office buildings are known for their large glass windows, showcasing the hustle of the corporate world to the outside world. Keeping these windows clean can be a tough task, requiring time, expertise, and the right [...]

  • 2 window washers cleaning exterior windows of a high rise luxury apartment building

Safety and High-Rise Window Cleaning

Have you ever wondered how dangerous high-rise window cleaning can be? Imagine dangling hundreds of feet in the air, tasked with maintaining the sparkling appearance of skyscrapers. It's a risky business, but is it as [...]

  • Window cleaner checking their safety equipment in Chicago

What to Know About Summer Property Maintenance

Summer can be a challenging time for commercial property owners and managers. High temperatures, humidity, and increased use can all contribute to maintenance issues and property damage. However, with careful design and routine maintenance, these [...]

  • A window washer checks their safety gear ontop of a Chicago skyscraper.

What to Know About Chicago Commercial Property Maintenance

Commercial property maintenance in Chicago requires adherence to certain standards and regulations to ensure the safety and upkeep of buildings. It is a complex and ongoing process that demands attention to detail and compliance with [...]