Everyone needs some proper pieces of equipment to maintain cleanliness. However, you do not need every piece of over priced professional gear out on the market.

In this article, we will review the most important tools for professional cleaning teams. You will be able to know what the must-haves are. Moreover, we’ll glance over an essential cleaning checklist for basic hygiene. Let’s get started:

Vacuum Cleaners

Proper vacuum cleaners are key for any professional cleaning team. They are easy to use, but one must consider durability when using them for repeat, large jobs.
If your property has carpets and gets dusty, vacuum cleaners can be a great tool to clean efficiently. Also, various types of vacuum cleaners on the market are capable of multitasking.


Mopping every now and then will ensure that your floor and walls remain clean from grimes and dust. Steam mops are also great as they do not require expensive cleaning solutions. Moreover, people like to use vinegar and water to get a spotless floor.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber is a great cleaning fabric. It does not damage sensitive surfaces like TV’s or monitors. They can also be used to clean tabletops, glass walls, etc.
Use a glass cleaning solution without alcohol and your microfiber cloth to get the best results.

Cleaning Bucket

This is a no-brainer, as cleaning buckets are mandatory for wet cleaning any surface. When considering buckets, ensure that the mop press can fit your size mop.


Dusters can be of various kinds. Look for soft materials that will not damage glass surfaces. Dusters can clean glass surfaces, walls, and curtains. As a result, make sure you have an adjustable handle to pair them with so that you can reach those extra heights.


Just water cleaning won’t disinfect the floor. Moreover, using a disinfecting solution for your countertops and tables is crucial.

Spray Cleaner

Water spray is used to clean bathrooms, garages, and your outdoor pavement. Having them is good if you want an efficient way of cleaning bathroom or outdoor areas.


For spaces such as super markets, schools, and other high ceilinged structures, an electric industrial lift may be necessary for the job. A lift will help the team clean the entire surface effectively, reaching those high corners with ease.

Crew uses lift to clean windows inside a grocery store

Cleaning Checklist

Here is a cleaning checklist for professionals to follow:

  1. Disinfect: Start by disinfecting the kitchen. Clean up then oven, stove, countertop, etc. Then proceed to cleaning other high traffic areas such as entry ways.
  2. Dusting: Dust all the floors, windows, and furniture.
  3. Vacuum: Remove the remaining dust by vacuuming.
  4. Deep Clean: Wash the carpets and curtains thoroughly.
  5. Polishing: Polish the metal items of the property such as the doorknobs and other hardware.
  6. Window Cleaning: For a perfect look, wash the inside and the outside of your windows.

We hope now you know what you need to clean a commercial property. Cleaning can be a long and energy-consuming task. However, regular cleaning sessions can increase your property’s value.