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Green Clean Window WashingGreen Clean Window WashingGreen Clean Window Washing

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When rain water falls out of the sky, did you know that it contains few, if any minerals at all. That’s right, when the water hits our cars and windows we think that the spots left over are from dirty water, but they are actually just outlines of the dirty that was already there. You may notice that during a very heavy rain storm, windows are often left clean. Why? Because heavy rain has cleaning potential, removing debris and drying spot free. But if you’re like me and want clean windows without counting on mother nature, you either clean them yourself or hire a professional company.

The truth is, window cleaning is dangerous without experience. Hiring an outside company to at least clean your exterior glass is always a safer, smarter option. Green Clean Window Cleaning, serving the Chicago, is the perfect alternative to doing it yourself. Licensed, insured, and incorporated, Green Clean takes the liability out of window cleaning, saving you time and frustration.

Since their inception, Green Clean Window Cleaning has employed the use of pure water cleaning, the most green technology offered in the cleaning industry. They push water through expensive reverse osmosis membranes, cleaning the water and ridding it completely of any trace minerals. The water is pumped through 300 feet of hose and out the end of an extendable pole with a boars hair brush. The brush agitates the dirt and the flowing water washes it away. The windows are left wet to dry, but keep in mind, this is no ordinary tap water. Water purified to this extent will dry spot free, because like rain water, it has no minerals and evaporates cleanly. Why pure water then? Because it keeps their workers off ladders, increases productivity, and actually gives their clients a far better result then just soapy water and squeegees alone.

When Green Clean chooses to use soap, however, they select only the best, plant based, phosphate-free soaps. They are biodegradable, edible in fact, and scent free. Using only what they require and nothing extra, Green Clean Window Cleaning knows their field, products, and customers well, tying all three together in an effort to deliver undeniably well-rounded service. From window cleaning to screens, sills, and frames, vinyl washing, and gutter cleaning, Green Clean focuses its attention on service excellence, not pursuing work outside their comfort zones. When asked about company vision, owner Evan Martilotta replied, “We seek to give the customer an experience they had always hoped for, but seldom ever saw. Our teams are well dressed, well equipped, and professionally informed to not only represent our company well, but handle the request of home owners swiftly and effectively.”

Give Green Clean Window Washing a Call Today! We are the leading window washing company in serving Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding areas.

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