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Window Cleaning in Chicago – Lake Villa Illinois

Window cleaning… its something everyone knows they need to do, but something that always gets put off.  We all stare out our dirty windows day to day, trying to look past the dirt and cobwebs, but always thinking about making them go away.  Finally the day comes where you have had enough.  The window cleaning is going to happen, so who is going to do it?

There are several options:

1.  You can lug out the ladder, the sponge, the hose, the bucket, and dust off the old squeegee you bought to clean the windows on your car and get going.

2.  You can get the kid down the street to come and do all of the above and let him sweat it out.

3.  You can wait until a stranger knocks on your door with a bucket and a squeegee and tell you they can wash everything for less than the cost of a dinner for four at Chili’s

4.  You can hire a professional company with experience, tools, and vetted workers to get the job done.

Window cleaning doesn’t sound like rocket science until you try to launch the rocket.  Just for grins, let’s run through the options above to see the biggest pros and cons of what you might get with each:.

1.  Self window cleaning

Pros: Save Money.  After all, its just washing windows right?  Why shell out your hard earned cash for something so easy.  Any more pros?

Cons: Time.  It takes time to get this project done.  How much do you have for window cleaning?  Just to give you an idea, a professional team usually will take 2 hours with two men to clean a house with 20-25 windows.  This is window cleaning done inside and out, 1st & 2nd floor, cleaning tracks and screens.  Can you do it in 2 hours? (I’ll give you a hint… no) How much time to you have to spare for window cleaning? 4 hours, 5 hours?

2.  Local Kid cleaning

Pros: Save Money and Time.  Now you don’t have to do the work and you don’t have to pay a lot to get it done.  The kid works a lot cheaper and you get the window cleaning done.  Cha-Ching, right?

Cons:  Quality of work.   While there are kids out there that understand hard work and will get the job done, you might still wind up with only clean(er) windows.  Instead of a window full of dirt, you now only have a window with streaks and dirty tracks.  And just remember the time issue… try to keep a teenager focused on window cleaning for 5 hours without the quality of work degrading as the job goes on.

3.  “Bucket Bob” Door to Door window cleaning

Pros:  Save money, time, and get a (possibly) more professional clean.  Now you have stepped up the game.  After all, this guy has the tools, the bucket, a bit of experience, and he is offering to clean the windows for what sounds like a great price.  Here’s your chance to get the window cleaning done and keep a few bucks for yourself.

Cons:  Flying by the seat of your pants & quality of work.  While the guy cleaning the windows has all of the tools needed to do the work, you are simply taking his word that he knows what he is doing.  Things to think about: where did he come from?  Does he have a business or just picking up some beer money doing window cleaning?  How will you find him later if you notice some of the windows are less than stellar on the window cleaning?  What happens if he injures himself while working at your house?  What happens if he breaks or damages something while he is working on the windows?

4.  Professional window cleaning company

Pros:  High quality of work, save time, peace of mind Companies that have a dedicated window cleaning staff, proper insurance, professional tools, and a desire to deliver quality will insure the project is done right and beyond expectations.  It is not just the money they make doing the work, it is their reputation and lively hood on the line.  While it may not be difficult to clean windows, it is difficult to deliver the results that a professionally trained team can deliver.  Plus they will be in and out much faster than you think.

Cons:  Money out of pocket (but is it really a con?)  Hiring a professional window cleaning company will cost more than the other options, but in turn you receive higher quality results, a company that is insured, and save time by getting it done quicker.  With all of those benefits, isn’t the extra money you spend to get it done right worth it?

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