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As simple as it looks, only people who have actually tried to clean windows know how hard it is to achieve the desired look. Most of the people end up with streaks and smears and the window surfaces are far from perfect. What they don’t know is that proper window cleaning requires the usage of proper window cleaning tools.

Fortunately, we at Grean Clean Window Cleaners know what these tools are. Not only that, we use them on everyday bases and we are aware of what your windows need to become shiny again. Today we decided to share our secrets with you and show you once again you’ve made the right choice leaving your windows in our hands.

So, what do professionals use to clean your windows?

#1 Purified Water


Purified water is what we use in order to avoid any streaks. Normal tap water is no good for your windows, because it’s mineralization causes smears. This water actually absorbs the dirt and the chemicals that have been previously used on the window. You’re left with gleaming windows that look brand-new! The usage of purified water prevents dust from building up again on your windows which means the results from window cleaning with purified water last much longer than the cleaning with normal water.

#2 Water Fed Pole System


You’ve probably seen the whole window cleaning process done on a ladder. But let us explain why this is the wrong way to clean windows. Ladder usage can damage the façade of your house and nobody wants that, right? Another inconvenience is you have no privacy when getting your windows cleaned. You can actually see the cleaner staring at your room! Using the water fed pole system, on the other hand, saves all that trouble. No clumsy ladders, no staring! The window cleaning technicians we work with are able to reach up to the 4th floor of the house with the help of the water fed pole. The purified water is pumped through the pole from a tank in the van. The window is left to dry naturally and there are no mineral deposits left on the surface because of the purified water!

#3 Squeegee


This small tool does more than you can imagine! The inside of your windows is being cleaned with it and it leaves the surface gleaming. There are different types of squeegees on the market, but the cleaners we work with use only the best ones possible. And using the best one is vital, because internal window cleaning is as important as the external window cleaning. In order to get the most of your windows both sides should be crystal-clear.

#4 Ropes


The water fed pole system is not suitable for higher buildings, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way for them to be cleaned. Skilled window cleaning technicians use the rope access window cleaning method. What they use to clean the windows that way are special ropes which have good resistance to chemicals, almost no degradation from UV and doesn’t absorb much water. It is an affordable, yet safe method, which can be used in the window cleaning of any building.

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