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Top 5 Reasons Why Choosing a Professional Window Cleaning Company will ultimately benefit your Commercial Business – Bartlett Illinois

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There are numerous studies that make a direct correlation between the environment in a business and productivity. A clean, well-organized office improves employee morale, attendance and employee productivity. Business owners and office managers interested in hiring an office cleaning company should not stop at dusting and vacuuming. The windows of your business deserve more than a spray bottle cleaner and an old towel. They deserve the attention of the commercial window cleaning professionals at Green Clean Window Cleaning.

A sparkling clean window not only greatly enhances the curb appeal of your business it also allows the maximum introduction of natural sunlight. Anyone that has worked indoors for long periods of time can attest to the tremendous difference between natural and artificial light. Those corner offices are not in high demand because florescent bulbs, people want a view of the outside and real sunlight. Well trained commercial window cleaners will maximize these benefits and help enhance the benefits of regular office cleaning. Many people believe that dirty windows attribute to an unprofessional atmosphere; a company like Green Clean Window Cleaning will not only clean to spotless perfection, but also provide so much more than just aesthetics.

1. Spotless Results

In order to achieve optimal results it is important to use more than the simple Windex and paper towel approach. Windows require thorough cleaning both on the inside and the outside; an unexperienced office employee could not clean the outside of a high rise commercial building as successfully as a professional company could. Anybody is capable of cleaning windows but professionals produce superior results because of their top of the line equipment, products, and years of experience.

2. Safe
Moreover, it is dangerous for someone who does not have the proper training or equipment to even attempt cleaning the outside of their commercial building.Window cleaning services are licensed, insured and have expert technicians, armed with years of experience and safety training. At Green Clean Window Cleaning our technicians are trained through the IWCA’s Window Cleaner Safety Program as well high rise window cleaning through S.P.R.A.T (Safe Practices for Rope Access Work).  The IWCA safety and participation program, in particular, requires educational training and three exams at the end that need to be passed with a score of 90% or higher.

3. Convenience
Hiring professional window cleaners instead of using an employee to clean windows also saves time. Many companies also provide round the clock service calls as well as scheduling plans to suit the specific needs of any office. Additionally, window cleaning companies will work with the owner or manager to ensure they meet every business’s unique requirements and fit every budget. Furthermore, a professional company will not only have the right experience for the job but they should offer the option of a free onsite proposal because they know each work site is different. By enlisting in the services of an expert, your employees can concentrate on their own work in a clean and bright workspace.

4. Protection
The exterior glass surface of a commercial building can often come in contact with many harmful airborne substances that may cause damage over time. Someone who is not properly trained cannot prevent these damages from occurring or effectively clean them. Routine cleaning by professionals can prevent expensive repairs or replacements of glass and windows.

Professional-Window Cleaning Company5. Cost-Effective
Finally, everything usually comes down to cost. While it is completely possible for employee to clean their office windows what is that cost to the business? In many cases these “soft cost” expenses fly under the radar. In most cases when a business factors in time, materials, equipment and results hiring a commercial window cleaning professional is actually a cost reduction. A window cleaning company with trained technicians will use the latest tools and techniques to achieve results in the most effective manner possible. They know that doing the work a second time is not cost effective so doing the job right the first time is paramount.

A professional window cleaning company can provide spotless results, a safe environment, convenience, protection to glass surfaces, as well as a cost saving alternative. An inexperienced window cleaner using the Windex and paper towel approach, on the other hand, can leave unwanted streaks, put them in a dangerous and unfamiliar environment, damage glass surfaces over time, and will cost far more in the long run.

Give Green Clean Window Washing a Call Today! We are the leading window washing company in serving Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding areas.

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