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The Task Of Window Washing And Hard Water Cleaning – Wheaton Illinois

Regular cleaning of windows will ensure that you do not have to work that hard on them. However, window washing and hard water cleaning always seems to take a backseat. Hence, when the windows are eventually cleaned, it is done very haphazardly and they are therefore not cleaned very well.

The white hard spots on the windows are most often from your sprinkler system, splashes from the sink in the kitchen and from the basin in the bathroom. It becomes quite difficult after a while to remove these by simple wiping and a more severe effort is needed. The cleaners that are around do not often do a good job and the best is to use household products.

The magnesium and calcium is what creates the white spots. Using household made detergents can easily clean these tough spots away before any damage occurs on your panes. If you use agents which will deteriorate the glass it will only cause financial expenses. The damage also occurs over the time period that you do not clean your windows.

The best solution would be to make sure that white spotting does not get out of hand. If it has formed and are making your windows look dull, start by using a solution of 50% water and 50% vinegar to soak and clean it off. It is important to get all the dust off first, because this can scratch your windows. Once it is dusted it will also reveal the spots more clearly. Use a nice fibred cloth to soak them with your mixture. A repetition of the process is necessary if it does not disappear after the first try.

If spots are tough to remove, the best is to use undiluted vinegar. Spray large area with the mixture or undiluted vinegar and clean with your cloth until it is clear. A small soft brush would also be able to assist by gently scrubbing at it and dabbing constantly with the mixture.

After the spots are removed, make sure that you remove all solution from the windows. Add some lemon extract which will give it a finishing shine. There are other household products such as baking soda and dishwasher detergent which could also be used successfully. These are not as costly as the commercial products.

If you do not use lemon extract, you could use methylated spirits with crumpled newspaper. This will definitely leave all your work with a bright shine.

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