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Cleaning windows is probably the least favorite job of any home owner. With the proper tools however and some practice, you will change the way you see window cleaning forever.

Most of the adversity comes from the window itself. Glass as we know is completely transparent and it is this transparency that highlights all of the flaws and errors from inferior cleaning processes. Any missed spots, dried solution, smears, and the like, will be easily noticeable, making the work inescapably frustrating.

So heres what you need to know going forward…
(1) Cleaning windows properly without a squeegee is impossible. Rags and paper towel, newspaper, none of it will do.

(2) Magic potions, vinegars and alcohol, alcohol, soap and rinse aids, are each nothing but refined snake oil. There is no magic potion. Professional window cleaning formulas are very unsophisticated and easy to reproduce.

(3) The secret to cleaning anything lies in a three step protocol: (a) agitation (b) suspension (c) extraction or removal.

Heres the secret…
(1) Buy a 12inch squeegee and a dozen pieces of replacement rubber from an online supplier. Ettore is a quality brand to work with and will produce excellent results.

(2) Along with the squeegee you will need to buy a T-Bar and Washer Sleeve – technical terms for a scrubber. With that buy 8 ounces of palmolive.

(3) Fill up a bucket with a few gallons of water. Don’t put soap in the water, just put three dots on each side of the scrubber (edge, middle, and edge, spaced evenly).

(Use the ABC protocol above. Scrub the glass and agitation the dirt. The soiling becomes suspended in the solution. The solution is then squeegeed off, leaving only clean glass behind.)

(4) Wet the scrubber in the water. Dunk it in and squeeze off the excess water. Now scrub the window.

(5) It will take practice to achieve the proper angle with the squeegee, but very simply, dry the left vertical edge of the window. Begin pulling the squeegee from left to right in a horizontal motion until you reach the opposite end. Repeat this procedure with minimal overlap until the window is dry.

(6) Wipe your edges and move on.

The use of the squeegee allows for perfect removal of the suspended dirt. No smearing and no streaking will be present. Good luck!

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