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The Secrets of Professional Window Cleaning – Woodstock Illinois

The best way to achieve pristine results on your home windows is to call in experts who have had years of practice in professional window cleaning. Green Clean Window Cleaning is a family-owned operation that has been offering window cleaning services throughout throughout the Chicago area for over 80 years. As professionals, they guarantee spotless and long lasting results, but homeowners looking to clean their own windows can benefit from several pieces of advice.

Particularly, Green Clean Window Cleaning encourages homeowners who want to achieve the best results to purchase all the necessary tools from a local hardware store.

Necessary Tools for Residential Window Cleaning

A Bucket

Professional window cleaners often use a large bucket to quickly and simply wash multiple windows at once, but the truth of the matter is that homeowners do not require a large bucket. Any size of bucket will work when washing the glass on a single home, as long as it can fit a squeegee and a mop.

A Squeegee

The squeegee is the most important tool for washing glass surfaces, which is why it is crucial to purchase a high quality squeegee. Green Clean Window Cleaning recommends using brands such as Unger, Ettore, or Sorbo. If a squeegee has three unassembled pieces: a handle, a channel, and the rubber, it usually means that it is a well-made tool.

A Mop

Mops come comprise two separate parts: the sleeve (the mop part) and the t-bar (where your mops hooks on). The sleeves on a mop can often get very dirty, if this happens simply put it into the washing machine. A quality window cleaning mop can be reused multiple times.

A Sea Sponge

Prior to squeegeeing, a sea sponge can be a great tool for wiping up water from sills and frames. In addition, a sea sponge can be used to wash surfaces around the windows that are not made out of glass like dirty frames.


Window cleaners often use their own secret concoctions for detergent like vinegar in warm water. The problem with mixtures like this is that they do not create enough suds. Suds lubricate the rubber on a squeegee which helps the squeegee turn. Moreover, suds make it easier to see where there are excess water marks that need to be wiped off. Just try a little DAWN dish soap it works very well to cut through the dirt and grime on windows.

The Proper Window Washing Technique

Homeowners who have all the proper tools can take the following steps to properly use them:

1. Fill the Bucket

Fill your bucket halfway with water. Make sure to use cold water as hot water will evaporate the water too rapidly. Next, add a few squirts of detergent to the water; make sure not to add too much or your windows may dry out too quickly.

2. Use the Wet Mop

Once your mop is wet and covered in detergent, rub it around the window until you are sure that all stubborn dirt has been completely removed. If there are any marks that cannot be removed by your mop, use a little triple fine bronze or steel wool, a little elbow grease and plenty of soapy water on the window.

3. Bring out the Squeegee

To properly hold the squeegee, place your thumb half way between the top and the side of the handle.  The proper squeegee technique requires maintaining a 45 degree angle while adding just the right amount of pressure to the glass. Not pressing down hard enough will not collect all of the water; however, pressing down too hard will make it too difficult to move the squeegee freely.

4. Clean the Water off

Use your squeegee to clean off all the excess water right to the edges of your window, at first you may notice some leftover watermarks in the middle of the window. With more and more practice, these watermarks will cease to appear but it is a good idea to purchase a micro-fiber cloth or chamois to get rid of any watermarks that may surface.

5. Wipe the Frames, Tracks & Sills

You’ll want a nice finished product so make sure to use a clean towel or the sea sponge wrung out to wipe the frames, tracks and sills as there will be dirty water from cleaning the windows that now rests on the sill and frame edges.  This will also help prevent runs and drips from occurring on the clean glass from the top sill.

6. Clean your screens

Screen cleaning is relatively easy.  Remove your screen from the window opening.  Take your t-bar that is still wet and soapy and gently rub it from top to bottom and side to side on both sides of the screen. Take your towel and gently wipe the screen mesh and frame until dry and reinstall the clean screen.  If you fail to clean your screen and you leave a dirty screen on a clean window it will contaminate the freshly cleaned window.

Sounds easy right? Well as you can probably guess residential window cleaning is more challenging than it sounds.  Proper window cleaning is a bit of science and knowledge and experience make a huge difference.  In order to achieve the best results it is a good idea to contact a company with years of experience in professional window cleaning. Green Clean Window Cleaners offer convenient and cost-effective services to homeowners  the most immaculate results.

Give Green Clean Window Washing a Call Today! We are the leading window washing company in serving Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding areas.

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