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The secret to window cleaning and invisible glass – Mount Prospect Illinois

There is none. Honestly, there really is no magic window cleaning potion. Almost every professional company on the planet, from high rise, to residential and everyone in between uses some form of dish soap and water. Dawn is actually the most popular. Fill up a bucket with two gallons of water and make three thin circles of soap on top, stir and you’re done. The real secret is in the squeegee rubber. Buy yourself a quality squeegee – usually about $12 – and find a retailer that sells squeegee rubber by the dozen – about $25 for 12 pieces. The dozen pieces will last a homeowner several years, even if you clean your glass a few times each year. Replace the rubber when the edges appear to become worn down, but until then, the combination of soapy water and a sharp rubber blade will make all the difference. How do you apply the mixture? Well, you can buy a professional scrubber, probably about $30 for the T-bar and washer sleeve, and it lasts forever. If you don’t want to spend money, then simply use a rag. Soak the rag in the solution, ring out the excess, and scrub the glass.

How do I know if I put enough soap in the water? The glass should be sudsy, but not too sudsy. There should be a nice lather of foam on the glass allowing the squeegee to glide effortlessly, but not so much that when it comes time to wipe the edges, you find yourself using multiple rags to break down the soapy residue in an effort to clean up missed spots.

This spring, window cleaners and DIYers, just add a small amount of dish soap to warm water. Combine that secret with a quality squeegee, sharp piece of squeegee rubber, and some kind of scrubber and you’re on your way to cleaner glass then you thought possible.

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