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Paying Attention to Safety When Cleaning Windows – Ingleside Illinois

One of the main reasons why homeowners tend to overlook cleaning the windows in the home is because of the safety issues that are involved. Many of us are not comfortable being on ladders and we may find ourselves perched, high above the ground in order to reach windows that are out of the way. Fortunately, it is not necessary for you to be concerned over this matter because you can call on the professionals at Green Clean Window Washing Services to take care of it for you. We use a unique process to clean the windows and make sure that they are professionally done when we leave your home. We also pay very careful attention to safety, because we want our employees to be safe and we want you, as the homeowner to be comfortable with what we are doing on your property. What type of safety processes do we have in place?

One of the most important types of safety that we consider when cleaning the windows is ladder safety. At all times, we use what is known as a ladder stabilizer, which helps to keep the ladder in place when it is against the home. Something else that we use when we clean the windows in your home is an equalizer. This is often necessary because the ground where the ladder is sitting is not even. The stabilizer helps to ensure that the ladder is on stable ground so that it can be placed properly and securely.

We also are very careful if there are any instances where glass needs to be removed, which sometimes occurs when the window has become damaged. When that is the case, we always use gloves, because we want to ensure the safety of those who are removing the glass at all times.

How We Clean Windows Professionally

We do more than simply run a squeegee over the window and call it clean when we come to your home. Our Chicago window cleaning service uses a 5 step process to ensure that your windows are clean, streak free and without spots when we leave your home. Included in this process is scraping the windows, using a special type of scraper tool. This helps to remove debris from the window, such as stickers and paint. Of course, we only use the razor blade in one direction and we make sure to wet the window with a soapy solution so that it is lubricated properly. We never recommend that homeowners use razor blades, but our professionals know how to use them without any damage to the window. Very fine steel wool is also used to remove any debris that is left after the scraper is used.

For information about our Chicago window company or how we can take care of your needs, you can give us a call. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote or to set up a routine maintenance program, so that the windows in your home or at your place of business are always clean.

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