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Isn’t Window Cleaning Seasonal? No Reason for a Season. – Clerendon Hills Illinois

You field a lot of questions in the window cleaning industry. ‘Is it cost effective’, ‘What kinds of harsh chemicals do you use’, ‘Is this environmentally friendly’- et cetera. And while those can be easily answered with ‘Very’, ‘None’, and ‘Absolutely’, sometimes there are questions that require an in-depth response.

When the weather gets consistently chilly, by Chicago standards anyway, the questions turn to—‘Isn’t window washing a seasonal thing?’ People ask for a variety of reasons: keeping up outer appearances can seem like it’s only relevant when people are outside more, extra precipitation spotting as the clouds roll in might lead to a strain on washing resources, and lastly (but most heartwarmingly), there’s a lot of concern about the well-being of people working with water out in the elements. There’s nothing better than educating the questioning public, so let’s break these down.
A counter-question to answer letting appearances slide when it’s cold out (regardless of what Miss Manners may have to say on the subject) is ‘Do windows stop getting dirty in the wintertime?. The answer is ‘no’, of course—wetter winds, rouge leaf-blower debris, and birds sticking closer to any nooks they can find on a building, all lead to dingier windows in need of a firm hand and a gentle cleanser. Corporate customers want their businesses looking bright and inviting all year, and the last thing residential areas need in the shorter days is less light in the house. With that answered, let’s take a look at how the winter work-load gets divvied up.

Believe it or not (but please do believe it), you can roll into our last winter cleaning schedule just as quickly as a cold front coming in. Clients might be seen in the same week that we get a call, just because our workers are itching to get out there. Window cleaning deals also get extra sweet just to get the word out that this isn’t a business that hibernates. And because window washers are a passionate lot, the last cold-weather FAQ is a favorite.

We love that customers worry about workers out in the cold, but put those fears to rest—a good window washer is always prepared. Fingerless gloves, hand warmers and flexible coats do the heavy lifting in keeping workers toasty; but since we also like to work smart, our chilly clientele get served during the later daylight hours so that the sun can lighten the load as well. Think of our washers as Huskies with cleaning supplies—they love being outside, and the cold is a situation they can handle.

Moral of the story? Don’t let the cold keep you from cleaner windows. After all, it’s not stopping us.

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