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Hawthorn Woods Illinois – Using Pure Water Systems for Window Cleaning

When cleaning the windows in your home, it is likely that you use a spray bottle and a wadded up paper towel, but that will result in an inferior job. That is especially true if you only wash your windows on a periodic basis, which most homeowners tend to do less than once per year. If you are cleaning your windows in such a way, you may actually be causing difficulties for yourself in the way of touchups and it is rare that you will ever have the superior job that is possible when using Green Clean Window Washing.

One of the options that we make available to our clients is the pure water system for window cleaning, which will have a noticeable effect on the cleanliness of your window. Since we are using pure water that has had the minerals and other impurities removed from it, it is able to effectively clean your windows without the use of harmful chemicals. It washes away from your Windows and leaves them crystal clear. In addition, using this type of pure water system also provides benefits in the way of ecological concerns. Since the chemicals are not running off of your windows and ending up in the ground, you are reducing the harm that you are causing to the earth when cleaning this part of your home.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rules and when pure water systems are concerned for your windows, they may not be the best option that is available for every circumstance. For example, using pure water for the maintenance cleaning of your windows is the ideal choice because of the benefits that it provides. If it is the first time that you are cleaning your windows, however, it is unlikely that the pure water is going to remove the debris, dirt buildup, paint and other difficulties that exist.

What Option Should Be Considered for the First Clean?

When you contact Green Clean Window Washing, we will be able to analyze the condition of your windows and determine what the best option is. For the first clean, is typically best if we do the job by hand, which would allow us to remove the debris and other difficulties that are stuck to the window. From that point forward, we will be able to keep your windows crystal clear by using our pure water systems, which will allow them to be rinsed clean.

It is always best if you discuss the options that are available for your windows in advance. We can come to your home to provide you with an estimate for what you need or in some cases, can provide an estimate over the phone. Contact us for more information today so that we can provide you with the superior services that we are well known for throughout Chicago.

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