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Cleaning the windows in the home can be quite a chore. Not only is it a time-consuming issue that needs to be done routinely, there also times when it may be somewhat dangerous. The last thing that many homeowners want to do is to find themselves perched on a ladder, cleaning second or third story windows several times per year. In order to avoid this issue, you can call upon the services of Green Clean Window Services to take care of the necessary work for you. In fact, we can establish a customize window cleaning maintenance schedule which is right for you. What are some of the considerations for such a schedule which will be reviewed with you?

First of all, you need to consider the needs of the windows, regardless of whether they are at your home or place of business. In some cases, you are going to need to have the windows cleaned more frequently. This is especially true if they are subject to tree sap or other issues, because of the landscaping around your home. Tree sap can accumulate on the windows and it tends to collect dirt, pollen and other debris which makes them dirty quickly. We can discuss these issues with you so that you can set up a schedule that is right for your needs.

It is also necessary to consider your budget in many cases. We would never want you to spend more than what you have available and we can work with any budget, providing you the window cleaning services that are necessary. In some cases, we come out on a monthly basis but in other cases, it is quarterly, biannually or every year. Regardless of your needs and budget, we will make sure to customize a window cleaning maintenance schedule that is right for you.

Our Services as Green Clean Window Company

Our primary goal is to make sure that you are satisfied as a customer. That is why we use a 5 step window cleaning process to ensure that your windows are perfectly clear. You will not have any spots or streaks, according to our personal guaranteed to you. We also make sure that the products that we use are friendly, not only to the health of your family but also to the environment around us. Regardless of whether we’re cleaning the inside of the windows or the outside, we put the necessary attention into our products to ensure that they are the right choice.

Along with offering our Green Clena window cleaning services, we also replace windows in the home. This includes full window replacements, including the frame or we just replace the glass. In either case, we want you to be happy with the end product and we do what is necessary to take care of the job professionally. That is how we were able to earn our A plus Better Business Bureau rating and an excellent rating on Angie’s list. Give us a call today for more information.

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