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Is Your Current Window Cleaning Team Safe? Are you liable for any accidents that occur on your building?

With Spring Time just around the corner, it’s  important to re-visit safety information about window cleaning safety & fall protection.  With the recent news stories in Chicago, it’s beneficial for property owners & management companies to ask the right questions when it comes to safety. Below are a few simple questions to ask your current window cleaning team to ensure proper safety rules & OSHA standards are being followed.

  1. Q: How many feet up is considered a fall hazard? A: 4 feet (OSHA 1910.23)
  2. Q: When is Fall Protection Required? A: Any heights over 6 feet (OSHA 1926.500)
  3. Q: How close to the roof’s edge can you be without being tied off in a full body harness? A: No person can be closer than 10 feet to an edge without fall protection gear. OSHA 1926 Subpart M (fall protection)
  4. Q: Do you have a site specific safety plan? A: Per WAC 296-878-14005 a safety plan is mandatory.
  5. Q: How often should roof anchors be inspected by a qualified person? A: OSHA requires that all building owners must have the roof anchors inspected annually (OSHA 1910.66)

At Green Clean Window Washing we believe that education is the first step to safety!  That is why we are the only Window Cleaning Company in the Chicago area that has a division focused on fall protection safety and education plus our safety record is flawless.  Also, most building owners are not aware that they are responsible for inspections & certification for any fall protection & fall restraint system.  Our goal is to heighten awareness for owners, employees & property management companies of their obligations when it comes to fall protection.

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