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6 Ways To Identify the Best Window Cleaning Service – Oakbrook Illinois

Many companies have really incredible websites and a friendly receptionist who is ready to greet you at the door, but those qualities alone don’t automatically show whether or not a company is truly professional, or even trustworthy. When hiring a window washing service, or any service for that matter, you should always do your research. Asking questions and getting solid answers means you’ll be better informed when making a decision on who to hire.

Though it may seem tedious or pushy, knowing the details about a company could save you both time and money. On top of that, you’ll be sure your home is safe in the hands of a company you can rely on. It’s your home and your money. Don’t settle for anything less than professional quality. It’s in your best interest to ask the following questions before committing to a window washing service.

1. Is the company licensed and insured?

It’s imperative to know whether or not the company you’re considering is both licensed and fully insured with both general liability insurance and workers’ compensation. By offering these types of insurance, you can know the company cares about their employees as well as the homeowners they do business with.

2. Does the company have a professionally trained staff?

Without question, you want your house to be respected and those working on your home to be as safe as possible. Look for a company who does on-the-job training with their employees with on-going safety training in all techniques and procedures. With on-the-job training, new window washers will have hands-on experience with seasoned employees, which means you won’t have to worry about new hires jeopardizing their safety or the quality of the work.

3. What about background checks?

When searching for a window cleaning service, ask each company whether or not they perform background checks on their employees. Welcoming anyone you don’t know personally around your home isn’t easy, but with the security of a clean background check on all employees, you can lessen your worries knowing your belongings and your family are safe from harm.

4. How is the company’s overall customer satisfaction?

Read testimonials and reviews. Do customers seem happy? Since testimonials provided by the company most often show positive reviews for marketing purposes, don’t be afraid to do more research outside of the company’s site. You might even want to ask if the company can put you in contact with a one or more of their past clients. That way, you’ll get a direct and truthful review without computer screens or biases getting in the way.

5. Has the company earned positive recognition or awards?

Acknowledgments and awards from credible sources or companies outside of the window washing service can be another indicator of the business’s professionalism and customer satisfaction. When other people go out of their way to recognize the services of another business, that really says a lot about the company’s honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

6. Are other maintenance services offered?

Don’t waste time and money shopping around for multiple companies to get the exterior of your home in tip-top shape. If a company you’re considering offers other services, such as pressure washing or gutter cleaning, you can use the window-cleaning company as your one-stop-shop for making the face your home sparkle like new.

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